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Mangalore is the city that plays host to a multi-dimensional range of activities that include banking, software, education and healthcare and carries with it an air of distinction that’s uniquely laudable. It has evolved into a centre of excellence in more ways than one in recent times. The vibrant city nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats rides high on the crest of fame endowed by myriad educational institutions providing the base for many a professional career.

Shree Devi Education Trust has established itself in this field with an outstanding reputation for providing the best in academic pursuits. The Trust, whose focus has been on providing professional training for a variety of vocations stands proud with a heritage of excellence and experience in the field of education. This is reflected through the increasing number of courses it has on offer, catering to the demands of modern industry.

Shree Devi College offers students the opportunity to pursue Management studies by introducing BBM, BCA and B.Com courses. These courses lay foundation for the future leaders of tomorrow’s business world.

Management Course
Indian Industry is now on the threshold of emerging into a global economic powerhouse. this rapid growth that Indian Industry is witnessing provides ample opportunities as well as challenges for Corporates. Thus Management Education today enjoys pride of place among the various streams of education for the young generation. The exponential growth witnessed in the business and industrial sectors have attracted talented youth in search of a promising future.

In both manufacturing and services, leadership and talent are increasingly in demand. Forces of globalisation and competition call for world-class managerial capabilities. To meet these emerging challenges, the Shree Devi College provides three portfolios of programmes – the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management (BBM) and the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), which are vital for today’s world of business. These academic programmes mark a qualitative and quantitative shift towards meeting the growing demand for managerial talent.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management is designed to educate students in the fundamental principles of management. It focuses on people management and management techniques required in the various aspects of industry, be it finance, Accounting, Marketing, Communications etc. Today’s managers need to identify the abilities, skills and motivational factors of individuals and channelise these to meet organisatinoal goals with high levels of efficiency.

The global business arena is in the midst of a metamorphosis. But one thing is certain, whatever the challenge, the students of Shree Devi College will rise up to it. In an environment where one often has to run hard to stand still, this institute prides itself on the fact that its students walk confidently ahead of the rest.

Computer Applications
Computers are pervading every aspect of life. The boom in the computer software industry has proved this to be right. Demand for computer professionals has increased manifold, not just in India but all over the world. One of the careers which is trying to fulfill this demand for computer professionals over the last few years is the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA). All over India there is a tremendous demand for this field of study, which is being fuelled by the phenomenal growth of the software industry, which has consistently grown by 35% year on year and is slated to gross US$ 50 billion in the next two years. If one takes a well-informed decision based on one’s aptitude and is able to excel in the industry, the opportunities are unlimited.

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